Product Pricing (Effective May 2008)

Prices listed below include the sphere, the support ring, and the steel support pedestal, with exception; the 12" & 14" diameter units do not require a pedestal. Prices do not include an outer shell pedestal due to so many design options, materials, colors, etc. Installation costs vary due to location and complexity of site logistics.

Standard Pricing Basics - Support Pedestal Included - Uninstalled

Sphere Diameter Capacity/Litres Standard Height Price (Uninstalled)
12" 12 L 12" Please Contact Office
14" 22 L 14" Please Contact Office
18" 50 L 56" Please Contact Office
24" 100 L 66" Please Contact Office
30" 200 L 66" Please Contact Office
39" (1 M) 500 L 66" Please Contact Office

Options (Add to Price Above)

Sphere Diameter Rotating Mechanism for Steel Support Pedestal Audio Eprom Loop Recording with Speaker
24" Please Contact Office Please Contact Office
30" Please Contact Office Please Contact Office
39" Please Contact Office Please Contact Office

Not included above is installation costs, i.e. travel/lodging for staff, crating, shipping, and on site insurance for glass breakage. These items will all be included in a complete quote once we have more info about your location and completion dates.


All Returns subject to a 25% restocking fee.



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