Pedestal Base Options

Internal steel support pedestal ( red primer)
Internal steel support pedestal ( red primer)
Standard Pedestal Base

Shown above is the standard internal steel support pedestal ( red primer) for a 30" diameter EcoSphere. These structures are standard on the 24", 30", 39" diameter units. They are usually anchored to the floor. Afterwards the outer custom shell pedestal  is set over the steel support (graphics and light boxes can be added).

Formica® and Wood w/Mirrored Top Faux Jade  and Black Corian® w/Mirrored Top Solid Hardwood Black Corian® w/Mirrored Top

Custom Pedestal Bases

Custom pedestal bases can be designed and built to your specifications. Approximately 42" tall, these bases can be built to fit any decor or design theme required. They can be built from cultured marble, wood, or Formica®. Prices vary depending on the material and design specified. Custom pedestals are quoted separately. Please allow 8 to 14 weeks for delivery. 

Other options include; a rotating pedestal, graphics, lights and overhead lighting, and audio EPROM loop recordings. 

Stainless Steel, Rotating Pedestal Pedestal with Audio
Rotating Pedestal 

Pedestal with Audio

With years of experience in building exhibits, we know we can build a pedestal for your particular facility requirements. Materials we are familiar with and have used in past designs include, Formica,® Corian,® Avonite,® Stainless Steel, Hard Wood, and Acrylic.

Internal Metal Support Pedestal w/Custom Formica®, Wood & Aluminum  Outer Pedestal
Custom Pedestal Construction

Historically, each project we've built has had some degree of customization. Your project will need to look unique to your environment and that's what we can do by customizing the outer pedestal to fit your design. We can provide the basics, you give us your ideas, themes, and locations we'll do the rest.


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