Design Considerations

EcoSphere® Associates can design a custom built, fully engineered, exhibit to meet any architectural or design requirements. We have worked with some of the worlds top architectural firms to design world-class science exhibits. Our specialty has been in science and aquatic related exhibits as well as biological displays, and consultations for aquatic related projects and other exhibits.

Since the first Exhibition EcoSphere™ was created we have offered a turnkey system complete with custom pedestals to match any color scheme or decor. Our designs involves working closely with the exhibit designers. We strongly recommend close collaboration with the exhibit designers at the conceptual stage of your program.

Considerations such as material, color scheme, and traffic level must be given to the design and construction of these custom pedestals used to support the Exhibition EcoSpheres™. We have built many units to withstand low and high traffic areas from corporate office environments to extreme high traffic areas for millions of viewers. The basics are:

  • A metal support stand 

  • A "Ring Seat" to support the glass appropriately

  • The custom made glass sphere

  • The internal core of the sphere

  • The biologics (shrimp, algae, sea water mix)

  • A color, material, or decor theme for the outer shell pedestal

All these items will come together as a world class exhibit or display in your facility. Let us know what we can do to assist in your decision making. We have full engineering and architectural capabilities to offer for any scale exhibit. 


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