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Ecosphere Associates, Inc. manufactures and supplies standard and custom ecosystems to individuals, corporations, museums, schools and educational institutions, distributors, catalogs, and retailers.

Our ecosystems demonstrate in a most simplistic way the interdependence of animal and plant life with Earth's most precious element - water. Our products have been called science projects, the world's lowest maintenance pets, closed aquariums. They are in fact developments of space age technology initiated by NASA.

Our primary goal is education. We feel fortunate that we can expose all ages to an ecosystem that is decorative, entertaining, and educational. We are proud that our products are on exhibit world wide. Our customer client base transcends age, race, educational levels and geographic location. 

Shrimp Feeding in an EcoSphere

We invite you to visit our corporate Web site at http://www.eco-sphere.com  for complete information on our entire line of amazing and intriguing water pieces. 

E-mail: ecosphere-service@eco-sphere.com 

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